Euphemia Udanoh

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Euphemia Udanoh was born into the Christian family of late Chief Joseph N. and Prophetess Patricia Udanoh of Ugume Village in Umueri, Anambra East L.G.A, Anambra state, Nigeria, in the year 1978.

She grew up in the city of Onitsha among 6 siblings. She is the 5th child of her parents. A graduate of banking and finance from the institute of management and technology Enugu. She’s an articulator, an enthusiastic reader and writer, a revivalist and a dedicated mother. Royal Kiss is her first novel and she hopes to write more novels.



“Marry me please, my love?” the eighteen-year-old prince of the small village of Umueobe begged Nkem, the most beautiful girl in his village. He was a prince and she was a nobody. He wanted her to be his princess but she declined because she was only twelve. Nkem wanted to continue going to school, she wanted more education, she was never going to give in to being forced into early marriage which were the predominant fate of all the girls in the 1970s era. “The prince will have to wait until I have finished school,” that was the ultimatum from the intelligent Nkem.

Nkem’s mother, Ugomma, was furious. She wanted her daughter to forgo her education and marry the prince immediately. Ugomma had everything planned out. She was prepared to go to any length to become the woman whose daughter was married to the charming prince. This was the dream of every mother in the village, to become a royalty by marriage. She set out with her lover, Ike to convince her daughter to become the prince’s wife before he made another girl his wife.

But Nkem made the unexpected decision of her life. She ran away from home to continue her education. She saw the need for change in the village attitude to girls’ education and early marriage. Nkem was truly in love with the prince but she believed in herself and not the throne. The question is if the handsome educated prince truly loves her as he said? Will he support the dream of the woman of his dream and preserve the ROYAL KISS just for his love?


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Lucy was envied by other women; she had the perfect husband and an expensive home. Marriage was her life. Roy, her husband, was her everything. She even gave up her job to be a devoted housewife for her man. Three years of blissful marriage and Lucy was naïve to think things would never change – until now. Roy’s love for her is about to be tested when an anonymous caller claiming to be Lucy’s lover brags about their affair. Lucy denies it, but Roy doesn’t believe her. Did Lucy have an affair or is someone framing her? Roy embarks on an unforgiving journey to search for the truth!

                                             OUT IN SEPTEMBER, 2015

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